A Marine accused of killing an escort visiting Hawaii will be court-martialed.  The Marine Corps says 39-year-old Master Sergeant Nathaniel Cosby is charged with murder in the death of Ivanice "Ivy" Harris, who was visiting Hawaii from Las Vegas.  In an article 32 hearing last month, a Hono­lulu police detective testified that surveillance footage showed Cosby and Harris meeting outside a Waikiki bar and they were later seen kissing in the elevator of the hotel where Cosby was staying. Several hours later, the footage showed, Cosby alone in the elevator and pulling a large duffel bag, which he loaded into the back of a sport utility vehicle.  An arraignment hearing is scheduled for November 21 at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. If convicted of unpremeditated murder or murder while engaging in an inherently dangerous act, Cosby could get a maximum sentence of life without parole.