Doug Adler Wins Lawsuit After Bogus Claims of Racism

“This guy did nothing wrong. He was a victim of social media mob hysteria and his network gave into the hysteria. I give his network credit for making the right decision, but would Doug Adler have gotten this redemption if he hadn't of gone on this show? Everybody else was shunning him and not allowing his story to be told."

Listen to Clay Travis talk about tennis commentator Doug Adler’s successful lawsuit against his former employer, after Adler was fired during the 2017 Australian Open because he used the word ‘guerrilla’ to describe a particular strategy Venus Williams was using during a point.

The metaphor, which connected ‘guerilla warfare’ to an aggressive style of play at the net, was mistakenly taken as ‘gorilla’ by some viewers of the telecast, who lambasted Adler for comparing Venus, an African American player, to a gorilla, the animal.

Adler said it was a social media mob that got him fired because of a faction of misinformed individuals on Twitter chomping at the bit of a story involving a white tennis analyst being burned at the stake publicly for racist comments, even though his remarks would have been clearly understood by anyone involved in tennis who would quickly understand the analogy he used.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay applauds Adler's former employer for clearer heads finally realizing that Adler was erroneously branded a racist, as Adler will even get to have his old job back at the network after they reached a settlement, Thursday.

How Social Media Mobs & a Disloyal Network Almost Killed Doug Adler
How Social Media Mobs & a Disloyal Network Almost Killed Doug Adler
{'author': 'Wil Leitner', 'description': "The announcer who was fired for using the term 'guerrilla warfare' during a Venus Williams match talked w/ Clay Travis about...
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