MLB Deems 'Disabled List' Too Offensive a Term

“This is the problem with people being so WOKE in American society right now. We’re constantly running around and doing things that don’t have any actual impact. And in doing so we are changing things that the vast majority of people who are reasonable and have rational thought processes never had any issue with.”

Listen to Clay Travis rip apart Major League Baseball after they announced Thursday that they were changing the name of the ‘DL’ to the ‘Injured List’ because of sensitivity issues around the word ‘disabled’.

Major League Baseball has been using the term ‘Disabled List’ since 1966 to designate injured players unable to take the field, but advocacy groups have lobbied that baseball remove the word because of its ties to people with physical and mental handicaps.

Check out the full audio below as Clay thinks the PC mobs are back with common sense once again at dangerously low levels.

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

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