Clay Travis: NFL, MLB, and NHL Abandoned the NBA All Alone on 'Woke Island'

Clay Travis: “I thought last night went as well as possible for the NFL. It felt as close to a normal game. If you look at the field for instance, the field looked completely normal. I know they have statements in the end zone, but it didn’t take away from the overall normalcy of the way the game looked. The players' names of the back of their helmet for whatever statements they’re making about the social justice initiatives you can barely see, and they’re almost totally unrecognizable. It’s nothing like the jerseys in the NBA… The NFL is following the lead of Major League Baseball and the NHL much more than it’s following the NBA. The NBA is going to be left on a Woke Island with ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on the court, with every player having social justice warrior slogans. I was blown away by virtually every single Kansas City Chief standing for the National Anthem. The Houston Texans elected not to come out of the locker room, and the Miami Dolphins actually released a pretty interesting video explaining why they wouldn’t be coming out of the locker room, but the most intriguing part of this for me in terms of ‘how long will this linger as an issue for fans?’ is that there was no major explosive moment last night that took away your attention off the field. What I’ve been told based on conversations I’ve had with people is ESPN, NBC, CBS, and FOX, after this week, they’re not going to cover any of the Anthem and any of the protests as part of their coverage of games… This was a big win for the NFL with the way this came off.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks the NFL will soon join the MLB and NHL in leaving the NBA trapped on ‘Woke Island’, as Clay believes the three aforementioned sports leagues will continue to get back to their regularly scheduled broadcasts that are exclusively centered on the games at hand, and will not heavily crossover into 'social justice warrior-dom' and themes of partisan politics like the NBA.

Check out the video above as Clay details why he thinks Thursday Night Football was a big win for the NFL in terms of moving past National Anthem kneeling as a major talking point of their sport.

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