Joey Bosa Revealed Derek Carr's Fatal Flaw

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Joey Bosa seemingly took some shots at Raiders QB Derek Carr the other day after the Chargers 28-14 win saying that Carr gets "really shook" once you hit him a few times and that he just shuts down once you get him under pressure. Carr spoke to the media on Wednesday and admitted that the comments from Bosa did make him angry. Ben Maller thinks the comments made Carr angry because Bosa was right.

Ben Maller: "Derek Carr, he's upset. Now why is he upset? He's upset because this is embarrassing, this is emasculating...but it's also that the truth hurts. Joey Bosa - you could say he spoke out of school, I don't think he did."

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