The Real Reason Why Tom Brady Left New England

Colin Cowherd: “It was very interesting as I watched that game [Bucs vs. Patriots]. There was a singular player in that Patriots game that said it all for me. He works hard and he deserves a lot of credit, his name is Jakobi Meyers. He’s an undrafted wide receiver and he has become the primary target for Mac Jones – UNDRAFTED. He was also there when Brady was there. That’s why Tom left. Not a personal shot at Jakobi Meyers. As you look at all the talent around this league, Monday night with the Raiders, this weekend with Arizona, Seattle, look at all the wide receiver talent, you pick the team – Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Tampa…Tom Brady goes into that stadium, doesn’t play well, his warm-weather team doesn’t play well, he’s on the road, probably has the second-best coach in the game, and Brady wins as Mac Jones plays brilliantly. THAT is why Brady left. Mac Jones is great but he’s an ‘operator’, he’ll only be as good as his parts. I can’t think of another quarterback ever who had significantly better weapons in his last year in college [Najee Harris, DeVonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, John Metchie] than his first year in the NFL, and it’s not even close. He had better offensive teammates at Alabama than he did at New England. It’s not like Belichick hasn’t tried. The Mohamed Sanu trade – BUST. N’Keal Harry pick – BUST. Sony Michel – no longer with the team. As I watched that game I was like ‘this is why Tom left.’ New England has to play perfect football to win and they almost did. Tom Brady wanted to be the ‘man’, he didn’t want to be the ‘only man’. Wide receiver talent has never been more dynamic in the NFL, but New England for the third or fourth year is slow, has no deep threat, no playmakers, not dynamic, and now a quarterback, who they’re probably going to ride with for ten years with an incredibly low ceiling. That game and the way they won it, playing imperfectly on the road with the warm weather Bucs going up to win in soggy New England is precisely why Tom left. They’re trying to figure it out but they can’t. They just don’t have any playmakers.” (Full video above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Patriots’ 19-17 loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football was the perfect microcosm of why Tom Brady left New England.

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