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Colin Cowherd Says This Quarterback Could Be the Next Patrick Mahomes

Photo: Harry How

Colin Cowherd: “You can just give the Heisman now to Caleb Williams… You watched Patrick Mahomes on Sunday night, and Caleb Williams was a little bit the comp on Saturday night. Thirty-three touchdowns and three picks, and don’t tell me the Pac-12 is no good. ACTUALLY, it’s the second-best conference in the country this year, easily. His only loss this year was 385 yards, five touchdowns, and 60 yards rushing. Like Mahomes, it’s more than just football. It’s mobility, leadership, crisis management, and he is better in big spots in big games. This Trojan team has one draftable player currently on defense, and two draftable offensive players. They don’t have Michigan talent, Ohio State talent, Georgia, Alabama, or LSU talent right now, and yet he has reshaped not only the offense but the football program. This is what Mahomes is like. Go look at Mahomes highlights and go look at Caleb Williams highlights. They’ve got two draftable players on that offense but he’s brought back the flair, the spectacular, the crazy, and the fun to a football program that in Pete Carroll’s heyday stole LA’s heart. I’ve had multiple executives tell me that if he was eligible as a sophomore he would easily be the number one pick. He is a sensational talent, good head on his shoulders, and all this while having a brand, commercials everywhere, and his classes— it is a ton to balance. He faced an excellent college quarterback on Saturday and you could see the gap. Running left, throwing right, running right, throwing left, throwing deep… Just a beautiful thing to watch. I don’t see a hole in his game. I told you that Andrew Luck as a sophomore is going to be different. I told you Trevor Lawrence would star. He’s the next one.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks USC quarterback Caleb Williams is the NFL’s next great thing, as Colin is already seeing signs of Patrick Mahomes in the true sophomore transfer from Oklahoma.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Williams is ‘the one’ as an NFL prospect, the same way Colin had predicted for Andrew Luck and Trevor Lawrence coming out of college.

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