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Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His Best NFL Bets For Week 12 (Nov. 26)

Colin Cowherd Gives His Best NFL Bets For Week 12


2022 Blazin' 5 record: 44-37-4

2023 Blazin' 5 record: 26-23-6

Week 1: 0-5

Week 2: 0-4-1

Week 3: 2-1-2

Week: 4-1

Week 5: 5-0

Week 6: 2-3

Week 7: 3-2

Week 8: 2-1-2

Week 9: 2-3

Week 10: 2-2-1

Week 11: 4-1

Although Colin did not make any official 'Blazin 5' picks for Week 12, Colin and Action Sports Betting expert Chad Millman discuss the best bets they're zoning in on.

Buccaneers at Colts (SPREAD: IND -2.5)

"This is my second-favorite pick of the week, I like the Colts -2.5 hosting the Bucs. Really smart offensive coaches off a bye. I took Philly over Kansas City because both coaches are offensive, and now Nick Sirianni is 4-0 off a bye so I thought it muted some of the advantage. But I get a really sharp offensive coach off a bye against a defensive coach with no bye, Todd Bowles. I thought it was one of my stronger plays. I'm going to take the Colts -2.5 at home. They're rested and reasonable healthy."

Colin's pick: Indianapolis -2.5

Rams at Cardinals (SPREAD: ARI -1)

“I'm going to take Arizona -1 hosting the Rams. It's one thing to play the Rams when Cooper Kupp is hurt in the game, but it's another thing preparing when you're not going to face him and you know it. Puka Nacua is a great story but he doesn't separate. They don't have a separating receiver, he's a zone-beater. In the end, Rams are still a rebuilding roster, and Arizona beat Atlanta, a tough out, and played really well at times agianst Houston. Arizona is at home, and the Rams were completely outplayed for three quarters but Seattle just can't get stops on third down... and Arizona will. I'm going to take Arizona and Kyler Murray at home."

Colin's pick: Arizona -1

Saints at Falcons (SPREAD: ATL -1)

"I'm going to take the Saints +1 at the Falcons. Off a bye, I think they have a much better roster. I think there is a little turmoil inside of Atlanta. I think Arthur Smith is smart but he's outspoken and blunt, and I'm not sure the team loves him. Derek Carr is an experienced quarterback, better roster off a bye, older team in spots getting a little healthy -- younger teams don't need that bye, when they're playing well they want to play the next week, and older teams always appreciate time off. I think I'd take the Saints as a 1-point dog."

Colin's pick: New Orleans +1

Bills at Eagles (SPREAD: PHI -3)

“I'm going to take Buffalo +3 against Philadelphia and here's the reason why... Short week, just played Kansas City in a rematch of the Super Bowl, and the following week for Philadelphia it's the San Francisco 49ers. It's a bit of a tweener game, and the world now is selling all Buffalo stock. But if you watched them against the Jets they were more creative, they used more motion -- clearly, Ken Dorsey was seen as a shortcoming within the staff. Buffalo -3, they win, it shocks a lot of people, but this is a brutal spot for Philadelphia in the classic sandwich game. Bills +3

Colin's pick: Buffalo +3

Ravens at Chargers (SPREAD: BAL -3.5) [Sunday Night Football]

“Generally, I would take the hook, Chargers getting 3.5 at home, but I've been saying this for two months -- I think the Ravens are probably the most complete team in the league. Mark Andrews won't play, but the Chargers made Jordan Love look special. It's a bad defense. I know it's the hook but there is no home-field advantage for the Chargers, it does not exist. I think the Ravens can blow them out."

Colin's pick: Baltimore -3.5

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